Monday, October 18, 2010

Coach Coaching in Kommetjie

How often we try to 
  • please our parents, 
  • fit in, 
  • impress other people, 
  • have intelligent conversations,
  • try not to offend others,
  • and do the things we want to do through willpower, determination, blood, sweat, tears and a gnashing of teeth?
   Is there a different way?

I believe the closer I live to my authentic self the more my life has meaning and purpose. It does not mean I have less problems, there is no less struggle, heartache or any of the other things we try so hard to avoid, yet still encounter.  These challenges are just less disruptive and easier to bear because I am following my calling and fulfilling my destiny.

There is much more on my Coaching website about:
Relieveing Stress
How to get beyond failure
How to lve a healthier life
How to get balance in life
How to manage your weight
How to get out of and stay out  of debt
How to create more wealth 
Miracle cure-all
How to set and achieve goals
How to manage time better
Prevention is better than cure
How to live a juicy life
... and much more... 

Please contact me if you wish to explore any of these options. 021 783 5303